In 2006 Dave Taggett designed a building for me to use as an audio recording and video production studio.  The main structure of the building was comprised of 4' x 8' x 6" Styrofoam panels with a 1⅝" "C" channel embedded every 16 inches.  After the deck was completed, I attached a 6 inch track around the perimeter of the deck and then placed the panels into the track, securing them by screwing the track into the "C" channels of each panel.  After all the panels were secured to the bottom track, I placed another 6 inch track on the top of the panels securing them in the same manner.  I was able to set all the panels and track by myself in one afternoon without breaking a sweat - the panels were light and easily handled.  The "C" channel design was invaluable in the completion of the building by allowing me to easily attach sheetrock on the inside of the building and sheathing on the outside.  Using a heated Styrofoam cutter designed to cut grooves in the panels, running electrical wiring was a snap and in no time my studio was completed. 

In the eight years I have used my studio, it has been a wonderful workplace… I put a wall mounted heater/air conditioner in the studio and with the walls having nearly an R-35 value and insulation in the ceiling at R-40, it easily and economically maintains heat in the winter time and coolness in the summer (which in Arizona can sometimes be brutal at the height of summer).  Everything about this building, from the ease of construction to virtually no maintenance, has fulfilled my needs far beyond my expectations.  As a testimonial, I highly recommend the "Jason House" for virtually any use, whether as a living space or workshop.  I use my studio nearly every day (even as I write this testimonial), and I say without any qualms, HOOYAH!!


Jason Stone
Tucson, Arizona

March 2014